The following section of contains a few hints about the studio in which I perform the mastering and mixing operations I am assigned, whose name is das Ende der Dinge (or dEdD, for those who might not be familiar with German). The expression means “the end of things”, referring to the final stage of any music production, which precedes the printing of devices and their release. The inspiration for this name was provided by a peculiar case of meta tv-series: within the Derrick episode called Die Rolle seines Lebens (1986) a serial whose title is just "Das Ende der Dinge" was being shot.
dEdDCiak Die Rolle seines

The primeval set up of the studio dates back to 1997, when the first official masterings for Polygram Italia (Casino Royale, George McAnthony) and Dischi del Mulo (Ageo, Radiodervish) were done. Since that Power Macintosh 8100 with Digidesign hardware and as much as 4GB disk space, the set up has been throughly updated several times. I mention these obsolete and now fully unusable facilities because for someone they may have the same effect as when coming across a Trabant car from the seventies (to keep to the German topic). Together with the images below, which may give some colour to the page, this is the only digression on the equipment I allow myself, as there’s nothing more sterile than to list the gear, as if it could guarantee of a given quality standard. What matters and what may be crucial is not the facility herself but the procedure that defines its use case by case. It is for enthusiasts that equipment often superseed the goal.

However, it is my habit to illustrate in full detail the technical implications of the ongoing work to musicians as well as to producers, and in this context it'll be possible to get deeper insight not only into the operations carried out, but also into the features of the configurations applied. Besides the audio procedures it'll moreover be a pleasure to satisfy the curiosity of those music technology enthusiasts, who may want to get a deeper insight into converters, tube-based outboard, parallel processing and so forth.

To be located half way between Brianza, the italian music district, and Bavaria, sure has been of capital importance in the development and improving of the operative methods used by das Ende der Dinge. The substantial equidistance from the central hubs of music training and production has ever since supported a different approach, based not on conventional procedures which were establishing, but on the development of independent and new techniques, nevertheless constantly keeping track of the international commercial and artistic context. Using ready-made solutions allows to deal with a limited number of variables, whereas the habit of searching for solutions unique to each specific issue allows to reach a much larger adaptability, which often is decisive in achieving the best possible result.

This lead dEdD to jump the gun both in audio processing as such, and in organization planning. After all, reconnaissance is part of the game when entering domains which were mostly unexplored as it was the case for mastering more than twenty years ago. The equivocal concept of online mastering which is so widespread today, has ever since had an independent evolution at das Ende der Dinge, being the natural continuation of the working methods adopted by dEdD from the beginning, when digital audio tapes and other storage device were traveling between Italy and Europe by private courier.

As explained more precisely elsewhere on this website, das Ende der Dinge is certified by Apple Usa for creating and providing Apple Music high resolution tracks which are labeled by the badge "Apple Digital Masters".
TIDAL, Amazon Music Unlimited and Apple Music also offer the immersive listening experience allowed by the Dolby Atmos Music technology, according to many observers the most important innovation of the last few decades that will revolutionize the way we enjoy the music.
For further information about this format and many more details on mastering and mixing please check the different subpages of or else get directly to the contacts and write me, bye! M.
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